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PCA SKIN Clinical Care Products have been formulated to be as friendly to the skin as possible. PCA Advanced Skin Care Systems is quality-minded and strives to produce technically researched skin care products that produce visible results. "All products are free of alcohol, fragrance, and witch hazel. Aloe Vera is used as a base for the entire product line along with antioxidant, free-radical fighting vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids.
Margaret Ancira, PCA Founder, states, "From the beginning, my concept was to formulate a skin care line totally diverse from the standard look good, smell good, do nothing cosmetic products that have been available to the consumer. I also felt that they contained ingredients that had the potential to provoke allergic or sensitive reactions. It took a year for our products to be formulated and manufactured, but in 1991 PCA was born and we haven't had time to look back since."

Chirally Correct Formulations
PCA SKIN also insures that all of its products are "chirally correct". Chirality is a chemistry term that has become more important in the cosmetic industry. Certain molecules have right and left "handedness" that are considered mirror images of each other without being super-imposable. Some ingredients are a combination of both 'hands', while other products utilize one 'hand' or the other for different formulations. The shapes of these molecules as well as their 'handedness' will determine their action in the body.

An ingredient being 'chirally correct' indicates that the side of the molecule that is most appropriate and effective for the skin is being used in the formula. One of the most important points associated with chirality in the skin care and pharmaceutical industries is the fact that different parts of the body have preferences for either right handed or left handed molecules. Interestingly, the less preferred 'hand' in a particular situation is often referred to as 'inert', although it can actually be responsible for negative effects in the body. Using only the chirally correct portion of each ingredient insure higher activity levels and better results.

What is a chemical peel and how does it help to treat the skin?
Well formulated blended chemical peel soultions work by breaking down the bonds between the surface cells allowing them to be more effectively exfoliated. Improved exfolistin allows fresh cells to rise to the surface and leaves skin with an even and fresh apperance. Other ingredients that may be included in blends can help target breakouts, skin discoloration and wrinkling. Consider them instead of microdermabrasion or the traditional facial because a facial is good for maintenance and deep pore cleansing. Microdermabrasion exfoliates surface cell debris, but doe not impart other benefits deeper into the skin. Combining microdermabrasion with gentle peeling solutions can be a great choice for accelerated results on the right patients.
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